IPAL Statistics

Once again, it is time to submit your library's statistics for IPAL!

On behalf of our official stat-keeper, Joyce Meldrem, please go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IPAL2014-15 and input your 2014-15 data. Please do so by March 18.

For more information about definitions, please visit the NCES/ALS document.

You may return to the IPAL survey as often as needed, it should save what you’ve done so far (you might want to test yours out before you’ve entered much data just to be sure it works on your computer that way) and then submit them when you’re all done. This way you don’t have to enter them all at one time.

To see statistics from past years, please visit the Statistics Page (members only).

Please direct any questions or concerns about statistics to Joyce Meldrem.