IPAL Directors Meeting on October 19

Des Moines University will be hosting a meeting of the IPAL Directors on Wednesday, October 19 at 1 p.m.

Prior to the official Directors meeting there will be some Dine-Arounds in Des Moines for lunch. Come to enjoy some of Des Moines' finer food fare with your peers from across the state!
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Directions to DMU and the Boardroom

DMU is at 3200 Grand Ave. When you reach campus, you may use the driveway on either the east or west ends of campus. Follow the driveway around to the south side of campus, and park in the Student Education Center lot (#6 between #3, #4, and #7) if you can. Should you not be able to find parking in that lot, you may park in any space in the parking garage (#6, next to #2) except those marked for clinic patients or campus officials. Enter the SEC (#4) via the southwest entrance directly off of the parking lot, and follow the hallway to your left. This hallway will lead to the elevator in the Academic Center (#5), which you should use to get to the fifth floor. When you exit the elevator, walk forward and then to the right to get to the Boardroom, which is where our meeting will be held.

We look forward to seeing you there!