Statewide Courier Meeting

Come to Drake University at 10 a.m. on Friday, January 22 to meet with Representatives from MOBIUS and their courier service.

One of the major objectives of the statewide Iowa Academic Summit has been finding a way to provide consistent courier service to all Iowa Academic Libraries, as well as some of the larger public libraries.

The ongoing work of the Courier taskforce has been to find a service that offers connections to a wide network of libraries outside of Iowa and is willing to provide speedy, reliable service to Iowa Libraries. After a number of meetings and consultations with various agencies, the consensus ruled in favor of MOBIUS.

With the intention of starting service on July 1, 2016, this meeting is to provide a forum for brainstorming and collaborating with MOBIUS and their courier contractor on ideas and ways to get maximum participation. Delivery service in Iowa has great potential for all types of libraries. Ideas to discuss may include having the public libraries join us, implementing a sliding scale of payment, setting up delivery hubs, etc. Bring your ideas and questions!

Please direct any questions or concerns about the event to Mary Heinzman