Founding and Purpose

The Iowa Private Academic Library (IPAL) consortium was formed in 1977 for the following purposes: facilitating the sharing of information resources among the private academic libraries of Iowa; enhancing the availability of information resources to the academic community of Iowa; encouraging the private academic libraries of Iowa to institute such cost effective practices and procedures as may be made possible through state-wide interlibrary cooperation; enabling private academic libraries of Iowa to interact with state, regional, and national electronic bibliographic communications systems; and encouraging increased state and federal support of private academic libraries.


22 April 1977

Ad hoc committee of Iowa private academic librarians met in Decorah forrevitalization of group: Doug Baker, Jim Christopher, Rich Doyle, Kay Elliot,Charles LeMaster, Dave Netz, Bill Stoppel, Christopher McKee (temporary chair).

17 May 1977: Organizational meeting

8-9 September 1977

Open IPAL/Iowa OCLC Council meeting at Springbrook; 32 private academic libraries joined IPAL; finalized by-laws; elected officers; issues - ILL agreement, ILL survey, photocopy agreement, Union List of Serials

  • Chair - Christopher McKee
  • Vice-Chair - Sister Joan Sheil
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Barb Burn
  • Steering Committee - Jim Christopher, Duane Fenstermann, Dorothy Hinshaw, Charles LeMaster

28 April 1978: ANNUAL MEETING (Cedar Rapids)

after ACRL meeting at Coe College; passed original photocopy agreement; elected 1978-1979 officers


  • Chair - Sister Joan Sheil
  • Vice-Chair - Dave Netz
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Marion Rains
  • Steering Committee - Dorothy Hinshaw, Charles LeMaster, Hester Hollaar, Val Russell

20 April 1979: ANNUAL MEETING (Coralville) after ACRL meeting at the University of Iowa

photocopy agreement tabled; discussed MULS (grant funds to be administered by the State Library of Iowa in 1979); how to withdraw from IPAL; agreed upon $5 institutional dues (pay after 1 July 1979) to cover administrative costs; elected 1979-1980 officers


  • Chair – Jim Christopher
  • Vice-Chair - Alan Doolittle
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Deb Hartley
  • Steering Committee - Hester Hollaar, Val Russell, Rich Doyle, Corinne Potter

18 October 1979: Meeting after joint ILA/IEMA annual conference

participation in MULS

11 April 1980: ANNUAL MEETING (Des Moines) after ACRL meeting at Simpson College

MULS; tabled photocopy agreement; dues raised from $5 to $10; elected 1980-1981 officers


  • Chair – Arthur Hielkema
  • Vice-Chair - Bill Stoppel
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Elizabeth Kaschins
  • Steering Committee - Rich Doyle, Corinne Potter, Cynthia Myers Miller, Pat Newcomer
  • Nominating Committee – Charles LeMaster, Sister Kathleen Mullin, Val Russell

3 October 1980: Information meeting at Sioux City during ILA

IOWANET discussion, retrospective conversion

18 February 1981: Meeting in Des Moines after the Iowa Networking Forum

MULS, retrospective conversion

10 April 1981: ANNUAL MEETING (Davenport) after ACRL meeting at Marycrest College and St. Ambrose College

MULS; reappointed retrospective conversion committee; elected 1981-1982 officers


  • Chair – Bill Stoppel
  • Vice-Chair - Laura Brault
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Frank Dowd
  • Steering Committee - Cynthia Myers, Pat Newcomer, Barbara Paling, Charles Perry

6 April 1982: ANNUAL MEETING (Des Moines); after ACRL meeting at Drake

elected 1982-1983 officers


  • Chair – Val Russell
  • Vice-Chair -
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Charles LeMaster
  • Steering Committee - Barbara Paling, Charles Perry, Barb Burn, Duncan Brockway
  • Nominating Committee – Marilyn Murphy, Pat Newcomer, Charles Perry

14 April 1983: ANNUAL MEETING (Coralville) after ACRL meeting at the University of Iowa

introduction of David Evans (networking/State Library); tabled photocopy agreement; $217.07 in treasury; elected 1983-1984 officers


  • Chair – Christopher McKee
  • Vice-Chair - Donovan Schmoll
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Duane Fenstermann
  • Steering Committee – Barb Burn, Duncan Brockway, Patricia Dawson, Sister Bernice Schuetz
  • Nominating Committee – Cynthia Myers, Val Russell, Bill Stoppel

28 March 1984: ANNUAL MEETING (Grinnell; all day

presentation of the State Library long range plan; Iowa Union List of Serials; photocopy agreement distributed; elected 1984- 1985 officers (official term: 1 June – 31 May)


  • Chair – Christopher McKee
  • Vice-Chair - Donovan Schmoll
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Duane Fenstermann
  • Steering Committee – Patricia Dawson, Sister Bernice Schuetz
  • Nominating Committee – Art Hielkema, Robert Klein, Pat Newcomer

18 October 1984

Sponsored demonstration of Iowa Union List of Serials at ILA in Des Moines

22 March 1985: ANNUAL MEETING (Grinnell) all day

presentations from BCR/OCLC staff; communication with the State Library on topics or problems concerning Iowa private academic libraries; elected 1985-1986 officers


  • Chair – Cynthia Dyer
  • Vice-Chair - Gail Bonath
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Gloria Foster
  • Steering Committee – Patricia Dawson, Sister Bernice Schuetz, Paul Roberts, Father John Tra
  • Nominating Committee – Duncan Brockway, Barb Burn, Charles LeMaster

20 September 1985: Fall meeting (Simpson) all day

State Library/photocopy costs; State Library/academic statistics; discussion of proposed ICAN statewide database

21 March 1986: ANNUAL MEETING (Grinnell) all day

BCR presentation on Oxford Project; presentation by John Montag, Acting State Librarian; issues – IPAL statistics, Iowa Locator/ICAN, MINITEX, state reorganization; elected 1986-1987 officers


  • Chair – Gail Bonath
  • Vice-Chair - Charles Perry
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Corinne Potter
  • Steering Committee – Father G. Garry, Paul Roberts, Mary Ann Bartz, Ed Goedeken